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Abraham, Spencer Senate Michigan R 1995-2000
Aderholt, Robert House Alabama R 2001-
Ayotte, Kelly Senate New Hampshire R 2011-2012
Bingham, Jonathan House New York D 1976-1982
Blumenthal, Richard Senate Connecticut D 2011-
Boozman, John Senate Arkansas R 2013-
Brownback, Sam Senate Kansas R 1999-2010
Buchanan, John House Alabama R 1976-1980
Buckley, James Senate New York R 1976-1976
Burns, Conrad Senate Montana R 1997-1998
Burr, Richard Senate North Carolina R 2005-2008
Burgess, Michael House Texas R 2011-
Butterfield, G.K. House North Carolina D 2007-2010
Campbell, Ben Nighthorse Senate Colorado R 1995-1998
Cardin, Benjamin Senate Maryland D 1993-
Case, Clifford Senate New Jersey R 1976-1978
Chambliss, Saxby Senate Georgia R 2003-
Christensen, Jon House Nebraska R 1997-1998
Clark, Dick Senate Iowa D 1976-1978
Clinton, Hillary Senate New York D 2001-2009
Cohen, Steve House Tennessee D 2011-
Craig, Larry Senate Idaho R 1991-1992
D'Amato, Alfonse Senate New York R 1981-1998
De Concini, Dennis Senate Arizona D 1985-1986
Dodd, Christopher Senate Connecticut D 1999-2010
Dole, Robert Senate Kansas R 1977-1985
Fascell, Dante House Florida D 1976-1992
Feighan, Edward House Ohio D 1987-1992
Feingold, Russell Senate Wisconsin D 2003-2008
Fenwick, Millicent House New Jersey R 1976-1982
Fish Jr, Hamilton House New York R 1993-1994
Forbes, Michael House New York R 1999-2000
Fowler, Wyche Senate Georgia D 1987-1992
Funderbunk, David House North Carolina R 1995-1996
Gingrey, Phil House Georgia R 2011-
Graham, Bob Senate Florida D 1993-2004
Grassley, Charles Senate Iowa R 1993-1994
Greenwood, James House Pennsylvania R 1999-2000
Hastings, Alcee House Florida D 2001-
Hatch, Orrin Senate Utah R 1981-1984
Heinz, John Senate Pennsylvania R 1981-1991
Hoyer, Steny House Maryland D 1985-2002
Humphrey, Gordon Senate New Hampshire R 1985-1986
Hutchinson, Kay Baily Senate Texas R 1999-2004
Hutchinson, Tim Senate Arkansas R 1999-2000
Javits, Jacob Senate New York R 1979-1980
Kemp, Jack House New York R 1985-1988
Kempthorne, Dirk Senate Idaho R 1995-1996
Kerry, John Senate Massachusetts D 2007-2008
Lautenberg, Frank Senate New Jersey D 1987-2000
Leahy, Patrick Senate Vermont D 1976-1986
Long, Russell Senate Louisiana D 1985-1986
Mack III, Connie Senate Florida R 1993-1994
Markey, Edward House Massachusetts D 1983-2000, 2009-2010
McCloskey, Frank House Indiana D 1993-1994
McClure, James Senate Idaho R 1985-1990
McGovern, George Senate South Dakota D 1979-1980
McIntyre, Mike House North Carolina D 2003-
Mikulski, Barbara Senate Maryland D 1993-1994
Northup, Anne House Kentucky R 2003-2004
Pell, Claiborne Senate Rhode Island D 1976-1986
Pence, Mike House Indiana R 2005-2009
Pitts, Joseph House Pennsylvania R 1999-
Porter, John House Illinois R 1985-1998
Reid, Harry Senate Nevada D 1987-1998
Richardson, William House New Mexico D 1987-1996
Ritter, Don House Pennsylvania R 1981-1992
Rubio, Marco Senate Florida R 2011-2012
Salmon, Matt House Arizona R 1995-2000
Santorum, Rick Senate Pennsylvania R 1995-1996
Shaheen, Jeanne Senate New Hampshire D 2009-
Simon, Paul House Illinois D 1976-1980
Slaughter, Louise McIntosh House New York D 1997-
Smith, Christopher House New Jersey R 1983-
Smith, Gordon Senate Oregon R 2001-2009
Snowe, Olympia Senate Maine R 1997-1998
Solis, Hilda House California D 2007-2009
Specter, Arlen Senate Pennsylvania R 1991-1994
Stone, Richard Senate Florida D 1976-1980
Udall, Tom Senate New Mexico D 2009-
Vitter, David Senate Louisiana R 2005-2006
Voinovich, George Senate Ohio R 2001-2002
Wallop, Malcolm Senate Wyoming R 1985-1990
Wamp, Zach House Tennessee R 2001-2002
Whitehouse, Sheldon Senate Rhode Island D 2009-
 Wicker, Roger Senate Mississippi R 2011-
Wirth, Timothy Senate Colorado D 1981-1992
Wolf, Frank House Virginia R 1989-2006
Yates, Sidney House Illinois D 1976-1986



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Representative Alcee L. Hastings (D-FL), Commissioner on the U.S. Helsinki Commission, calls for more revenue transparency in the extractive industries May 28, 2009, at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe Parliamentary Assembly Economic Conference in Dublin